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Molecular Mixology and Cocktail Chemistry

In the last few years, molecular mixology has become an exciting new branch of cocktail culture. Now more than ever before, professional bartenders and amateur home mixologists alike are experimenting with cutting-edge scientific techniques to create cocktails with unusual textures, bitter flavors, and unusual aromas.

This explosion of interest in molecular mixology has led to a wide range of conflicting definitions—most notably whether the word “molecular” needs to be part of the phrase at all. Some would say that any drink that uses science to create new flavors isn’t truly molecular. Others would argue that almost any cocktail could be described as “molecular’ if you stretched the definition far enough!

To add even more confusion, many people use the phrase ‘molecular mixology’ interchangeably with other phrases such as “modernist mixology,” or “new school” bartending. The truth is that all of these phrases describe essentially the same thing: A type of bartending that uses modernist techniques, herbs and spices to create new flavor experiences for drinkers.


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