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Deconstructed Edible cocktails

For some people, the thought of drinking anything alcoholic is as appealing as a frozen glass full of ice cubes. But for others, the opportunity to indulge in adult beverages with friends can be one of life’s greatest pleasures.

With the rise of so-called “superfoods” such as kale and chia seeds, it is not surprising that food and drink trends continue to evolve. Today, these shifts are also influencing how people think about and approach cocktails – particularly when it comes to eating them.

While traditional cocktails are generally served neat or on the rocks, new variations involve edamame shoots or even arugula leaves with edible oils and vinaigrettes being served as an alternative to standard cocktail sauces.

Even more adventurous versions involve drinking your cocktail through a straw made from kumquat segments… say what?


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